5 Things To Do In The Caribbean’s Jolly Harbour

Caribbean beach holidays - Sailing trips that let you relax more

With plenty of people to meet and things to see and do, there’s so much to enjoy in Jolly Harbour – morning, noon, or night – during your Caribbean MedSailors sailing holiday.

#1 Sit Back and Relax

Jolly Beach can very easily keep even the most restless of people occupied for an entire day. Surrounded by restaurants, bars, and even a casino, this stretch of impossibly white sand leading to the serenely calm Caribbean waters is picturesque and unforgettable. If you fancy lounging somewhere slightly quieter, Cove Bay Beach is a short walk away and is sheltered by trees and vegetation, providing a paradise island ambience that’s ultra-relaxing and supremely idyllic.

#2 Shopping

With everything from luxury boutiques to shops full of the most beautiful souvenirs, the shopping opportunities around Jolly Harbour are quite impressive. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone else, you’re certain to find something wonderfully unique to remember an unforgettable Caribbean adventure.

Jolly Harbour sailing vacation Medsailors Caribbean. Females lay in the sun on paddle boards in the Caribbean. Photo by Laura Beresford of lauraberesford.com

#3 Explore the Ocean on Your MedSailors Sailing Holiday

The coast of Antigua is awash with underwater caves and coral reefs which are calling out to be explored, and whether you choose to snorkel, dive, or simply enjoy swimming in the calm Caribbean waters, time spent in the ocean is always time very well spent.

#4 Partake in Some More Leisurely Pursuits

From wandering around the beautiful Greencastle Hill Park to enjoying the views as you make your way around the 18-hole Jolly Harbour golf course, if slowing down and enjoying a leisurely afternoon to recharge your batteries sounds like a good idea, you’ll find plenty of things to both occupy your time and provide you with a lot of laughs!

#5 Tuck into Some Delicious Caribbean Dishes

The popularity of Jolly Harbour means that there is a wide variety of cuisine available, with several excellent restaurants and eateries providing an authentic taste of the Caribbean. From fine dining with extraordinary views over the harbour, to family-run eateries with menus bursting with dishes made using ultra-fresh ingredients, you’ll find something delicious to try whatever you’re in the mood for.

Sailing Caribbean with Medsailors. Photo by Callum Wouters.

Would you love to check out Jolly Harbour and some of the other incredible destinations of the Caribbean? Book your MedSailors Caribbean sailing holiday today!

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