How to book your MedSailors Trip

The decision to set sail on the adventure of a lifetime is an easy one, but deciding on when, where, and how can seem a bit more difficult than just clicking a button. So we’ve put together a guide on how to book your MedSailors trip, and how to do it best for YOU from what route, what yacht to choose, what you get, and more!

Where to Go?

Maybe one of the most important parts of choosing your MedSailors holiday is where to do it!


Two people at sunset at Poros clock tower in Greece

MedSailors Greece Saronic

The Vibe: Best nights out, classic Greece, longer distances, bigger towns, lots of activities.

Islands lined with white and blue villas and topped with bright green pines that pop off the contrast of high mountains and rugged rust-coloured coastline – MedSailors Saronic feels like Greece as you imagined it. The food here will leave you forever dreaming of grilled seafood, the fried cheeses with that zing of lemon, and the mezze feasts featuring tidal waves or tantalizing traditional Greek cuisine. 🤤 Yet, it’s the rich hospitality and endless smiles from locals that will leave a real lasting impression.  

This route is for you if you want all of the above and plenty of time to explore these wonderful towns by foot after swim stops, with heaps of activities on offer. It also boasts some of the best nights out in Greece, with ample opportunities for a boogie under the kaleidoscopic lights of the disco balls with tunes from the best modern bangers to Abba anthems so you can sing your hearts out.


Aerial view of Iggy Beach in Greece

MedSailors Greece Ionian

The Vibe: More chilled, more boat life, longer days in bays, quaint colourful towns.

The lush green hillsides and colourful coastal villas are the first thing that will catch your eye, and probably surprise you too! While the MedSailors Ionian route contains all of the same tasty foods and rich hospitality as the Saronic, it feels completely different. The whole of the Ionian was built by the Venetians, and this lends to the drastically different architecture of every town you’ll explore. 

This route is perfect for those who want a great balance of boat time and exploration on land, as the laid-back vibe of the route takes you from small fishing villages to off-grid beach nights and finishes in larger beautiful towns on Paxos. While it might not be as big on the dance bars like the Saronic route, the long days in bays and vibrant seaside towns offer prime opportunities for those wanting relaxation and a bit of nightlife. 


View from above Dubrovnik in Croatia

MedSailors Croatia Voyager

The Vibe: Awesome nightlife, biggest towns, good sailing, semi-long distances. 

Your neck will ache from staring up at the captivating Venetian architecture all around as you wind your way through labyrinths of laneways. Cheers cocktails atop ancient fortifications, cycle turquoise lakes in national parks and enjoy spectacular cerulean bays abound. 

MedSailors Croatia is for you if you’re looking for the best nightlife the Mediterranean has to offer while getting your fill of gawking at fantastical buildings and dining on Dalmatia’s tastiest cuisines. Some days offer more boat time, while others give you ample time to explore destinations on foot or get your fix of outdoor activities as well. 


Group on coast of Turkey

MedSailors Turkey

The Vibe: Shortest distances, long swim stops, best sailing, remote locations, small towns, adrenaline activities.

Blindingly blue waters will leave you questioning if the Turquoise Coast is actually real life, while the towering cliff sides, centuries old ruins, and remote bays lined with ancient Lycian tombs ignites your imagination into overdrive. Turkey is known for its vivid and exciting culture of colour and flavour stimulating all of your senses. 

This route is for you if you’re looking for as much boat and bay time as possible. Though the towns are much smaller than other routes, and much of the week is in off-grid locations, the distances are short between stops which opens the day for sailing and swimming to your heart’s content! 



Guests learning to sail on MedSailors holiday

How to Book

Should you go solo, come with your friends or partner, or book out a whole boat?! There are pluses to each one of these. 

Sailing Solo
MedSailors strives to bring like-minded people from all over the world into an environment that stokes the social and adventurous spirit in all of us. Plenty of solo travelers join us weekly, which opens the opportunities in an ideal environment to make friends aboard the yachts. There are also single private cabins available on our Superior yachts that allow you to have your own space as well!

Couples/Friends Groups
What’s an adventure without your second half or bestie? MedSailors experiences are ripe for couples, duos, and small friend groups with many different cabin layouts to choose from. There are bunks, spacious double cabins, and en-suites to find the right fit for the two of you. There are plenty of duos that join MedSailors and we try to pair you with the right group whether you’re aiming to have a relaxed holiday or to hang out with groups of other travelers like yourselves!

Whole Boat
What better way to reunite with your mates than a week at sea together with your own yacht? Planning group trips can be daunting, but a MedSailors holiday allows for much less stress when it comes to bringing people along for an adventure. With your accommodation sorted, transport sorted, and daily activities lined up, you can focus on enjoying the good times with good friends and whether it’s Aperol o’clock or the need for a G&T. You’ll travel as a flotilla so you’ll still be able to meet awesome people on top of it all. 


MedSailors skipper

What’s Included? 

We’re going to keep this short and sweet as our “how it works” page goes much more in-depth, but here are the main perks that MedSailors comes with!

Your Skipper
Your Yacht Master certified skipper handles everything for the boat and your experience while on board, taking you to stunning bays and beautiful destinations. They are also keen to show you the ropes if you want to learn and teach you a bit of sailing when able! They’ll whip up tasty light and healthy meals during the day so you can dive into the delicious cuisines at night!

Guest Experience Leader
Chief vibes officer, the Guest Experience Leader (GEL) is there to help make sure your MedSailors adventure is an awesome one, with intimate knowledge of the places we sail to and great recommendations for where to eat and drink, what to see and do, and how to get the most out of your experience. 

Continental Breakfast
Breakfast on board will have an array of cereals, bread and spreads, fruits, and a hot dish like eggs or french toast. 

Light Lunch
Let’s be real, you’ll happily grow a trouser size or two after the holiday with unique traditional cuisines to be devoured around these destinations. We keep lunch Mediterranean-themed that’s colourful and light, with salad or veggies, a hot dish, and bread and dips to keep you fueled for the day while leaving room for the feasts at night.

Stand Up Paddleboard
There’s nothing like a stand-up paddleboard sesh around a breathtaking cove, and your boat will come with one to SUP board until you can’t anymore. Make sure to practice for the MedSailors paddleboard race! 😉

Free & Paid Activities
MedSailors routes have a plethora of free and optional paid activities to take part in from things like watersports, hikes, paragliding, scuba diving, and more. Each destination has different activities on offer as well for the history buffs, culture hunters, foodies, dancefloor champs, and more. Check out the full list on our activities page to get a more in-depth idea!

MedSailors yachts rafted together in beautiful bay

What Boat to Choose?

We know choosing what type of boat can be a bit confusing, so we’ll break down the basics of how to choose what yacht is best for you or your group, and after you can head over to our yachts page for more info!

The premier yachts of our fleet are your classic sailing yacht, giving you that true life-on-a-boat experience while being very friendly to your wallet. The premier boats are perfect if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option that is comfortable yet affordable and allows you to put more of your budget toward activities, food, and nightlife.  

Our superior yachts are specifically designed with sailing holidays in mind, giving you the traditional sailing experience of a monohull yet boasting big social areas and deck space to hang out or relax. These yachts are only 5 years old and host a number of unique amenities like single private cabins, bunk rooms, ensuites, great sound systems, and upper-deck kitchens. 

The ultimate choice in comfort, a catamaran is a great shout for group bookings or those that want as much space as possible. Large areas on the bow allow for all the sun-basking you’d ever desire, while the rear dining area is perfect to bring everyone together for chats and games. Catamarans typically are a smoother ride as well for those concerned about a little seasickness and rooms offer more space than other yacht types to get comfortable for the week. 

Now the only thing left is to book your MedSailors 2023 sailing adventure today and start counting down days until that epic summer holiday!

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