How A Sailing Holiday Will Change Your Life

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” H. Jackson Browne Jr.

We’ve all heard or seen THAT travel quote from Mark Twain (which is actually not by Mark Twain!) on social media or inspirational banners and in books that have inspired thousands to cast off their attachments and possessions and live a life of adventure. Including ourselves!

And no wonder why it’s such a popular quote, there’s something profoundly life-changing about going off on an adventure anywhere in the world. But there is something wholly unique and new about travelling by sea. Besides the fact that we just love everything about life at sea (of course), we think sailing will change you and your life in more ways than most forms of travel.

Just how will sailing change your life? Glad you asked!

You’ll Feel Infinitely More Free

It’s no wonder why THAT Leo and Kate moment from Titanic is so iconic (trust us, we’ve seen it recreated a million times, ha!) Standing on the bow looking forward at an endless blue horizon, and that first glance back to watch the port disappear in the distance while making way to an exciting new island — there is something indescribably freeing about that.

That unanchored and unattached feeling of escaping a world you know so well to explore those new horizons that will leave you feeling freer than ever before in your life. Let loose and seas the day!

Guests reenacting the Titanic scene

Sailing Let’s Stress Fade Away

The magic about sailing is that you can leave whatever stress you might have in the wake of the boat. The moment you cast of your bowlines is the moment you can leave behind whatever was holding your back or weighing you down. It’s the moment to embrace what lies ahead, which includes beautiful horizons and breathtaking destinations! Not only that, water is one of the most powerful healing elements, and relaxing to the sound of the waves or getting some zen on a floatie in a remote bay will be the peace you need.

Guests floating on floaties with a drink

It’ll Help Break You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

One of the main aspects that makes travel so fulfilling is growing as a person and breaking out of a comfort zone. But not all travel offers ample opportunity to truly escape those home comforts. When you’re sailing in a MedSailors flotilla, you have heaps of opportunities to try something new — whether it be conquering your fears by paragliding, tasting something exotic, or making new friends aboard. We just urge you to embrace that desire to break out!

Guests hanging out in the ocean

Embracing Unpredictability

Travelling, in general, takes a bit of embracing the unknown and going with the flow as plans don’t always work out, and sometimes not planning leads to a much more exciting adventure.

The same can be said about sailing! Every day is a new opportunity to do something unplanned, like finding a secluded bay that nobody is anchored in, or deciding to go deep sea swimming, or joining in a paddle board race during the week and winning it! If

you allow for some unplanned exploration and a loose schedule, who knows what kind of adventure will unfold while sailing. But we know it’ll be unpredictably amazing.

Boats and guests in beautiful bay

You Learn Stuff You Never Thought About

Never been on a boat before? It’s okay. Never been travelling before? No problem. Never been stand up paddle boarding? You’ll nail it. Sailing in a flotilla allows you to learn tons of new and exciting things you may have never thought about picking up.

Hop on the helm and give sailing a try, or pick the skippers brain about the history of the areas we explore to dive deeper into culture. Even aspects like travelling for the first time can lead you to learn a lot about yourself and how to explore solo, make new friends, learn new languages, and more.

Guests learning to sail

You’ll Be Filled With Awe

There’s a bit of awe in every day while sailing around the Med, and more than a handful of occasions that will leave you scooping up your jaw off the ground. With days filled with so many incredible moments, it will push you to seek out every bit of awesome in everyday life when you return home because you deserve life at another level.

Guests watching sunrise from

Sailing Helps You Disconnect to Reconnect

In an era of always connected and always sharing lifestyles, unplugging and escaping the wifi can be a big life-changing moment and enormously refreshing. Though our smartphones make us more connected in some ways, it’s easy to miss out on the moments flashing by while flipping through our phones.

We’ve got the detox you need.

A sailing holiday has moments where you’re anchored in a remote bay with no power or wifi or signal, so with phones down we can use that to truly connect with friends on board and experience these destinations how they are truly meant to be explored, through our senses!

Are you ready to have your life changed by a sailing adventure? Book your MedSailors holiday today!

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