About your Trip

What will be served for breakfast and lunch?

Breakfast is served Continental, with tea and coffee included. Lunch will be a typical Mediterranean meal, with lovely fresh bread, salads and vegetables and homemade pasta dishes; as well as an assortment of antipasti, local cheese and cured meats.

For dinner, you’re free to explore the restaurants of Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy and the Caribbean – your Skipper will be pleased to recommend their favourites!

Can you cater to dietary requirements?

Yes. Your Skipper will try their best to ensure there are sufficient alternative options for you. However, the range of specialist foods can be limited in certain areas, so do bring your favourite products along!

Can I bring my own food & alcohol on board?

Yes, MedSailors is happy to allow you to bring drinks and snacks on board. There are shops at most of our destinations so you can replenish your supplies. We also supply drinking water free of charge throughout your trip.

What should I pack for my sailing holiday?

Sun, sand and sailing call for your best summer threads, swimming gear and towel, and your favourite floatie – we advise against hard-cased, wheelie suitcases. The less you pack, the more room on board and in your cabin, making for a more comfortable sailing holiday!

We also recommend packing a portable charger, any medication needed and your own reusable water bottle!

On which days do your sailing trips start and end?

Our sailing trips run for 7 days and 6 nights.

For Saturday departures, you will return to port around midday on the following Friday, with the final check out by 3 pm. For Sunday departures, you will return to port around midday on Saturday, with the final check out by 3 pm.

For check-in times please email us at sales@ms.navigatetravel.com.

What type of people will be on my sailing holiday?

Our trips attract 20 to 35-year-olds and we will always make sure we pair you with like-minded travellers who are looking for the same type of holiday experience as you.

I am travelling solo, who will be in my cabin?

We have lots of solo travellers join us every week at MedSailors! As a solo traveller, you will be accommodated in a twin single bunkroom with a guest of the same gender as you whenever possible, and we will ensure you are grouped with people of a similar age and demographic to yourself!

My friends are sailing the same week as me, will we be on the same boat?

Yes, if you give us enough notice, we’ll ensure you’re sailing with your friends! Get in touch and let us know their booking reference number.

What is included in my trip?

Six nights’ accommodation on board your own yacht; a fully qualified Skipper; learning how to sail; breakfast and lunch; drinking water; a paddle board and snorkelling equipment (mask, fins and snorkel).

Budget & Extras

What is not included?

Spending money, visas, travel insurance, extra activities and excursions, flights and departure taxes. Dinner isn’t included, some nights are free nights where you can choose from the range of restaurants and bars – or ask your Skipper to recommend their favourites, and other nights will be an organised group meal, offering you a chance to mingle with everyone in your flotilla!

What is the Local Payment and how much does this cost?

Local payment covers your tourist taxes, marina and port fees and fuel for the week and is paid to directly to your skipper on the day of your departure.

The local payment amounts to approximately €95 for yachts & €100 for catamarans per person.

In Croatia this is 700 – 750 Kuna, in Greece, Montenegro and Italy this is €85 – €100 and in Turkey, this is 650 – 750 Turkish Lira.

What currency do I need for each MedSailors destination?

The currency in Croatia is the Croatian Kuna (not Euro); Greece, Montenegro and Italy use the Euro (€) and Turkey uses the Turkish Lira. We recommend drawing out cash in small amounts during your sailing holiday as there are many ATMs on the routes.

Are additional activities included in the trip costs?

Additional activities are not included in the trip costs and will vary across all routes. Details of available activities are included in your pre-departure information along with the costs.

For information regarding additional activities please contact our customer service team at sales@ms.navigatetravel.com.

Can I transfer from Split to Dubrovnik? Or Dubrovnik to Split?

MedSailors offers a transfer that departs every Friday. From our marina, Baotic Marina in Trogir we depart at 2.30pm to Dubrovnik, where you will disembark at the Dubrovnik Bus Station located close to the town centre.

The Dubrovnik to Split transfer departs at 6 pm from Dubrovnik Bus Station, terminating at the Split Bus Station in the centre of town.

Tickets can be booked on your mytourinfo.com page.

Can I go to Mykonos or Santorini after my Greece Saronic sailing holiday?

Yes! You can head to Mykonos or Santorini at the end of the week to explore either one of the islands of the Cyclades. With their picturesque white villages and legendary all-night parties, one of these islands is the perfect way to round off your sailing holiday before heading home. We recommend travel by ferry and you can book your tickets using the website FerryHopper.

How much spending money do I need for my trip?

Spending money will vary across routes as destinations such as Croatia, Italy & the Caribbean tend to be more expensive than Greece and Turkey.

As a suggestion for your evening meal and some drinks, MedSailors recommend allowing:

€25-€35 per day for Greece, Montenegro & Turkey.

€30-€40 per day for Croatia & Italy.


Our Yachts and Skippers

What is the difference between Premier yachts, Premier Plus yachts and Catamarans?

Our Premier Plus yachts are our newest models monohull, and whilst having a similar layout and size as our Premier yachts they offer a more modern and comfortable space with stylish fittings and interior.

Our range of Catamarans offer the ultimate in space and comfort, with large sunbathing decks and a generous living area.

Please check the website, here for more detailed images and descriptions of our Premier and Premier Plus yachts as well as our Catamarans.

Can I book an entire yacht or catamaran?

Absolutely! Our yachts accommodate up to eight to ten people. If there are more than eight to ten guests, we can accommodate you across two yachts and we’ll make sure you’ll all be sailing in the same flotilla!

Is linen included?

We provide all the linen you need, including sheets, pillows and bath towel. We do advise packing your own beach towel.

Will there be Wi-Fi on board?

There is no Wi-Fi on board the boats but there is an abundance of Wi-Fi on the shore across all of our destinations at the many restaurants and bars during your week of sailing.

Are there power points on the boat for charging?

Yes. All yachts are equipped with European sockets (two pin plugs), so you will need to bring an adapter for your devices. Our yachts also have iPod-compatible stereos and jacks, so you can play your favourite tunes!

Power is available onboard your yacht whenever you are connected to shore power. All other times, you should be able to charge your devices when the yacht’s engine is switched on. Check with your Skipper in advance and they will let you know when to plug in!

I am backpacking/returning home; can I bring all of my luggage on board?

For the comfort of guests, we restrict luggage to 20kg per person. Keep in mind all bags should be kept inside your own cabin, so the less you pack the more comfortable you will be.

All excess luggage should be stored with a hotel/hostel until the end of your trip, or at one of the storage facilities available at airports/train stations/ferry terminals. For more information, please contact the customer service team at sales@ms.navigatetravel.com.

Who is in charge of our yacht?

Your Skipper. Most of our Skippers are aged early 20’s to early 30’s and all our crew speak English. Typically, our crew is made up of Brits, Kiwi’s, Australians, Europeans and South Americans.

What qualifications & training do your skippers have?

They are all RYA certified Yacht Masters. This means as well as being fully qualified sailors, they are happy to teach you how to sail, which is free of charge during your sailing holiday. In addition to their Yacht Master qualification, our skippers attend our pre-season MedSailors training in preparation for the season.

Can I learn how to sail?

Yes – you can learn how to sail free of charge on board our yachts during your sailing holiday. All our Skippers are professional sailors who will be happy to teach you everything they know about sailing

Do I need to tip my Skipper?

Our skippers are there to look after you and ensure you have the best trip possible. If you feel they’ve succeeded in this regard then please feel free to tip them.

Payment Details

Do I need to pay for my whole trip when I book?

No, to secure your booking we do require a deposit. The remaining balance will not be due until 12 weeks before your departure date and can be made in installments through our booking management system.

How can I pay for my sailing holiday?

By credit or debit card using your booking management page, mytourinfo.com, or see our bank details on the same page. All payments have to be made in EUR and please note that credit card payments incur a 2.85% fee.

Please make sure all transfer fees are taken into account when making payment via a bank transfer.

Can our group pay separately?

Yes, group members can make their own payments individually through the booking management portal. Payments can be made via credit or debit card and also bank transfer.

Can I make an international transfer?

Yes, you can pay via international transfer either through your bank branch or via an online transfer service such as OFX. You must use our IBAN and SWIFT codes when making the transfer.

International transfer fees are around €15 – €22. Please make sure this cost is covered in your payment.

Can I get an invoice for my trip?

Yes, please email sales@ms.navigatetravel.com for a copy, or download your booking confirmation on your mytourinfo.com page under Guest Details

Where can I view whether my payment has been made?

On your mytourinfo.com page. Credit or Debit card payments will appear immediately, while bank transfers will take up to two days to show. If it fails to show, let us know the date of payment, amount paid and the reference used so we can track it.

Travel & Safety

What if my trip is affected by weather?

MedSailors considers your safety of the utmost importance. Certain weather conditions can result in a change in our itineraries in the interest of our guests’ safety. We’ll monitor the weather forecast closely for any weather that may cause last-minute changes to your holiday.

If this does happen, our Crew will endeavour to let you know of any possible disruption before departure and your Skipper will ensure you are well looked after and making the most of your trip!

Do I need to have travel insurance?

Yes. We strongly recommend travel insurance in case of lost or damaged items or injury. All our sailing routes stay within 11km of land, so should be covered by most travel insurance policies, but do check with your provider.

I’m from Australia / New Zealand / Britain / Canada, do I need a visa to enter Croatia, Greece, Montenegro or Italy?

No. Please see a full list of countries exempt from visas for Greece, Montenegro, Italy and Croatia here.

What if I do need to apply for a Visa to enter Croatia, Greece or Italy?

This will need to be done in person at the Croatian or Greek Embassies. You will need to show proof of booking, which you can request from our office at info@ms.navigatetravel.com. Check with your local consulate for further details or visit www.visahq.co.uk.

Do I need a Visa to enter Turkey?

Most guests need to pay for an e-visa before departure, or you will have to apply for a visa upon arrival. Check with your local consulate for further details or visit www.visahq.co.uk

I get seasick – is this trip suitable?

During peak season the water is calm and, on most days, you won’t even feel the swell. For days when it is slightly windier, we recommend packing anti-motion sickness medication.

What if I am not a very strong swimmer?

Life jackets are available on all our yachts and there will be plenty of other activities to keep you busy. Or, if you prefer, you can stick to lounging around, soaking up the rays on deck!

How easily will I have access to medical/emergency services?

Your Guest Experience Leader and Skipper know where to get access to medical help in every location and will be able to assist you in getting there as quickly as possible.

Are the yachts secure?

Yes. We have never had an incident of theft on any of our sailing trips. Valuables can be safely stored in your cabin or below deck.

Is it safe to travel on my own?

Yes. All our solo guests are well looked after by our experienced Guest Experience Leaders and Skippers.

Is there parking close to the Marinas?

Parking options will vary across routes, for further information on a specific trip, please email our customer service team at sales@ms.navigatetravel.com.

Which airlines fly from London to Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Greece & the Caribbean?

You can book flights with the following airlines:

Croatia: EasyJet, Ryan Air, Monarch, Wizz Air

Greece: Aegean Air, British Airways, easyJet

Italy: EasyJet, British Airways, Ryan Air

Turkey: Thomas Cook, Pegasus

The Caribbean: British Airways, Virgin Atlantic